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Are your products sustainable?

We have made a conscious decision to only source and use more sustainable resources for our business. This includes everything from the product itself to the packaging and decisions made for our long term business goals. 

Why does the wax appear uneven through the glass?

In utilising only natural waxes, this is a common occurrence during the curing process where the wax does not seal to the container. This does not impact the burning or the quality of the candle as the candle is filled edge to edge. 

Do you provide bespoke candles? 

Yes, we happily tailor make candles for clients! If you would like to enquire about this service, please send your requirements to and we will gladly assist. We can tailor all elements from the container, to the wax selected and fragrance with essential oils. We can also include personalised messages/containers and lids. All bespoke candles will be 100% natural in line with our business.